Saturday, March 21, 2020

Coronavirus Update

SonSet Solutions News: Spring Break Students
When we moved to Elkhart to serve, we knew right away we'd like to host students. Hosting has been a good experience for us overall, and we enjoyed hosting these two students this month. These two young men are studying at LeTourneau University and spent their spring break helping us on various projects here at SonSet Solutions.

The social distancing recommendations for COVID-19 came out the week they were with us.  Please pray for these students as they adjust. Like almost every student we know, they are finishing their year online. David Tixier (a senior studying engineering technology) is next to Jean, and Elias Eaton (a sophomore studying mechanical engineering) is next to John. 

With social distancing guidelines, the leadership has made some hard decisions. Some of our at-risk folks are staying home. John has had to suspend the devotional time and are taking prayer requests via email. During this all, Jean was able to do something fun -- sit in front of the microphone to record a new phone message – if you call SonSet Solutions you'll hear her familiar voice. Our leadership will continue to face difficult decisions and this could be a tough time economically.

We are facing a tough time worldwide and pray for God's continued grace on us all so that others may come to know Him.

Family News: Adjusting to COVID-19
We are grateful for technology that gives us all the ability to communicate during this time of social distancing.The recommendations from our authorities are met with mixed responses from many and while social media and media in general can be inflammatory, it is a blessing to able to use technology to make sure family and friends are doing okay without spreading germs. 
Elizabeth, expecting baby #3, is laying low and at home with her two little people and Peter is working hard. John and David, each seem to be having a harder time getting meat, produce, bread and things, but there does not appear to be difficulties with them having work at this point

Tyler and Anina, like John and Jean are in the midst of work-arounds for the churches we attend to provide for needs as we temporarily suspend in-person services. We, in Elkhart, seem to be finding things but not the cheap brands we are used to buying, so we are doing okay. For Jean, and many of us, it is stressful when the kids and grandkids are all living farther away; it's times like this that she wishes we could just all hunker down together. It's a natural response during stressful times (think back to the Holocaust).

Anina, like most college students we hear of, is continuing her schooling with Bethel University online, but unlike other students, clinical could be an issue. Her clinical hours were curtailed a bit when a travel ban came through her county, and we are praying for a good resolution. However, it was such a good experience for her to be a part of the reorganization of Elkhart General Hospital during this coronavirus crisis.

This is a time of being responsible, staying home, doing our part whether you agree or not with the recommendations. There is also grieving for people who have died, but also grieving for things lost--funerals where only immediate family should attend, graduations that will happen without the usual fanfare, social community as we knew it and much, much more. However, those things will return. It will take time and we can help each other get through.

Don't think we've left God out of the picture! Our hope remains in the God who never changes and is ever-present in times of trouble. (Psalm 46:1)

LIbrary "messy hands" days, when the library was open
Smiles at home

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Ten and Five Years

Ten years:
John spent January with 2019 year-end tasks, and deployment and modification of new shipping system software designed and written last year. He has been able to accomplish much in the last 18 months, things only possible since serving full time. 

Jean works at SonSet two days a week on average. While her primary role is in the IT department (some basic website updates and graphics, file sorting, photo tagging, etc.), she has expanded to working wherever she can and is part of the team that prepares documents like this one – The SonSet Solutions eNews has interesting stories each month, but the February edition is one that has a couple of truly unique, one-of-a-kind ministries we think you may have never heard of! Read it and let us know what you find!

Hosting spring break students and summer interns is upon us soon. Spring break students will be with us for two weeks in early March. Summer interns usually spend 10-12 weeks over the summer. Please pray for these students as they serve. We are also very excited that two of our supporting churches are coming alongside us in a deeper way by electing to raise funds for SonSet® radios.

While serving in primarily "back pew" roles in missions, we are very intentional about seeking ways to share the gospel (front pew!) and helping others share the gospel locally. Young-adult ministry at McCoy Baptist, Lifeline after-school programs, Vacation Bible School, Church Community Services are some of the ministries we are involved in. Pray for us as there is a lot of relationships and teaching involved.

Five Years:
Technology and partnership is what we do at SonSet Solutions. Together, along with our partner ministries, we provide many platforms for delivering God’s word. This year we celebrate five years as SonSet Solutions. We have assisted 664 partners in 100 countries during this time. 

We look forward to more years of serving the Lord and realize that our support team  have been with us for around ten years now. Thank you for your part in getting technology for abundant life (physical and spiritual abundance) out.

Thursday, February 6, 2020