Thursday, January 7, 2021

God's Work Continues

As a whole, God's work through SonSet Solutions went on pretty much unabated in 2020. It looked a little different than previously, but God provided creative solutions, and we praise Him for this. During the first three quarters of 2020, SonSet Solutions assisted 139 ministries in 55 countries via equipment, service, consultation, training, and partnership development.​ Thank YOU for your HUGE part in making this possible. Please pray for all our teams in SonSet Solutions as we continue to provide solutions for partner ministries.

John continues on in his roles as a software developer, chaplain and I.T. 

  • Software development: John writes much of the internal software for the mission related to accounting, donations, shipping, activity, manufacturing and inventory. John also writes software to program the SonSet® solar-powered radios, and is involved in database development with the SonSetLink™ water monitor technology. The activity software he wrote tracks all ministry productivity and is how we know COVID-19 did not hinder our work.
  • Mission chaplain: John ministers to spiritual needs of ministry workers, plans and leads worship services, and prepares the content for our daily devotion times.
  • I.T. duties: John assists the I.T. Administrator in hardware and network infrastructure and upgrades, fixing problems, and handling support desk requests.
Jean has part-time duties that fills her two days of work with SonSet Solutions.​
  • I.T. tasksJean assists the I.T. Manager with updates to website, photo file sorting and editing. A big task accomplished is our new website. Take a look –
  • Fund development: Jean assists with event planning (such as our informational SnapShot events) to raise awareness of SonSet Solutions.
  • Communications: Jean prepares weekly updates, assists with literature preparation, creates and edits photos and graphics for literature and social media.
  • Donation Services: Jean works as a back up for our primary worker to process and receipt donations.

God is gracious to us, and we are blessed many times over.

Please continue to pray that we stay close to the Lord.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving!

                    Happy and blessed Thanksgiving to you, dear family and friends!

Thank you for praying with us and supporting us. Your prayers and gifts mean so much to us and we are grateful ministry continues despite COVID-19. During the first three quarters of 2020, SonSet Solutions assisted 139 ministries in 55 countries via equipment, service, consultation, training, and partnership development. We praise the Father for the creative ways He has provided to meet those ministry needs.


John: This time of year is busy for John, with normal year-end mission software to write and data to prepare and report -- and regular chaplain duties as well. This may seem "boring" but it's pretty essential to operations at Sonset Solutions. For many of us who work "normal" jobs, faithfulness for the believer is most often measured in more incremental and conventional ways, over time

Jean Since springtime, it has been a busier task than Jean anticipated to keep up with the most recent briefings and updates and to make certain we are compliant with regulations.  As cases arise and affect our team at SonSet Solutions, and with some restructuring, she was recently made the Lead on our Safe Transition Task Force at SonSet Solutions. She is still growing into that role. Also, as part of the IT department, she is on the team to develop a new webpage.

SonSet Solutions: Please pray for our Community Development Team as they build, test, and ship 200+ SonSetLink™ water monitors, all before mid-December. Ask God to help them persevere, do quality work, and serve our partners in their gospel proclamation and clean water projects. This is time critical.


Romans 12:4-5
"For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them..."

After seeing supporters and friends last year at this time, we began to plan for trip for May of this year – but COVID-19 didn't allow that to happen. So this month we embarked on a trip of many miles and went the opposite direction from a year ago. We appreciate all who took time out to meet with us, host us, worship with us, treat us to a meal, pray with us, and even join our support team.  It was wonderful, encouraging and refreshing to see these friends and family, most of whom we were not able to when we did our push to be fully funded around two years ago.  To be able to reacquaint and catch up with many we haven't seen in a long while was precious to us. We were very excited to also update everyone about SonSet Solutions and how the technology leads to an eternal impact.
Family Updates:
The holidays are a little up in the air with COVID-19. We know it is the same for all of you. We pray for wisdom for us all as we try to navigate the holidays this year.
Would you pray for us?
  • SonSet Solutions: (1) Pray for our 2020 Year-End Campaign, that the Lord would once again move in His faithful people to give generously to this ministry. (2) We very much need more staffing to fill key positions here at SonSet Solutions.
  • Andersons: (1) We are grateful and praise the Lord for a terrific support team. We appreciate your prayers, your hospitality, and your sacrificial financial gifts. Thank you so much. (2) Please continue to pray for John's mother, who continues to have stomach pain – please pray for good nutrition for her as well as a clear treatment plan.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020


Ministry: John and Jean
Grateful for opportunities for others to see what SonSet Solutions does, Jean has been busy with extra duties on top of the usual IT, communications, and donation duties she has. There was great prepa ration for the Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference, a September  SnapShot event (our  informational event), and eight virtual career fairs held from the end of September through October. All these events introduced SonSet Solutions to many, many people, and we praise the Lord for the interactions we had and the friendships that developed. We are praying for students who are considering joining us for Spring Break at SonSet Solutions or for a summer internship.

This is a growing time for John. In addition to all he does currently as developer and chaplain, John is now member of the Data sub-team of the Community Development Team. He's working with ArcGIS mapping data to help improve our ministry partners' access and data capability. He's also learning the data and coding for systems that drive this. We're looking forward to better ways of helping our worldwide partners on five continents, as they provide both clean water and the "living water" of the gospel to many people groups who desperately need both.

This is a sample dashboard of the ArcGIS mapping data. It's a great way to see quickly where the pumps are and how they are operating. A mobile app is available as well that provides the same information for us and our partners.

[To protect privacy, pin locations on the map are not exact.]

Family Updates

We had a recent getaway to Michigan, something we both very much needed. We were able to do some favorite things and try new things, and at the end of the trip, we were able to see some of our kids. We love serving at McCoy church here in Elkhart, and are very glad that many activities have resumed, such as the Pathfinders Monday Night Bible study (college and career age) and Wednesday Word of Life programs. Please pray for strength as we minister deeply at SonSet Solutions and at McCoy and for our children as they grow and serve where they are planted right now.

  • Elizabeth and Pete seem to enjoy life as Hoosiers. They made this move with a newborn Abel. Peter commutes longer now, but they all have enjoyed the extra space and yard. Baby Abel is growing by leaps and bounds, and all three are as cute as they can be.
  • Kudos to JR, who was also named Lee Richardson Zoo's (LRZ) Employee of the Quarter recently. He has been busy with the grand opening of the new lemur house at the LRZ, which was September 15. 
  • David continues to enjoy his work with MarkNet Alliance in central Illinois and is blessed to be able to work from home a couple days a week. He is beginning to assist with the livestreaming of church services at his church as well.
  • Anina and Tyler are enjoying reverse roles, and Tyler is now the student. He is studying Integrated New Media with a music concentration and working part time. Anina works 12-hour shifts at Elkhart General and currently there are more COVID-19 cases than the COVID unit can hold.
  • John's mom had gall bladder surgery on October 5. Please continue to pray for her recovery that she may gain the relief she needs from some abdominal pain.
  • John's Aunt Penny has relocated to Elkhart. Please pray for her as she transitions, and that we would be effective witnesses, as she does not know the Lord.
Grandbats. They seem pretty pleased by it, and we enjoy their smiles so much.
JR as Employee of the Quarter at Lee Richardson Zoo.